Michael Kors Is A Complete Racist- WOW


“Just for the sake of a sale I have to deal with women like Nicki Minaj? I’d rather not. After all my fans made me money, It’s only fair I be honest and let them know how I really feel.”, said ceo of Michael Kors on his twitter account.michael-kors-2

The fashion industry is shocked from Michael Kor’s Ceooffensive statement when he said “I’m tired of pretending to like blacks. “Michael Who? I don’t have time to be worrying about a racist statement from someone I don’t know or care about. If This Michael guy’s last name isn’t Jordan then I could really care less .I’m only interested in things like Jordans, polo jackets and my MK watch like all my school friends.” Said a young lady on twitter.

Early Tuesday morning Michael Kors took to his twitter page to express his true feelings about blacks. Considering every black person either has or knows someone with a MK watch, MK Purse or MK key chain this might affect Michael Kors sales. “I cant stomach the thought of my Michael Kors purses being stuffed with synthetic hair, weave or what ever else my fans are into.” Said Michael Kors.

Michael Kor’s brand has been a major success symbol for blacks for the past 2-3 years and so Mr. Kors felt the need to go into further details and explain that after meeting with some of his fans he shared a black & mild cigar with them and he had to admit he didn’t like pretending he liked blacks just for the sake of sharing time with fans. “I don’t even smoke. We don’t have to smoke to chill” Said the Ceo. Ask yourself would you fake like you like something just to show appreciation to your fans? I think that’s pretty cool of Michael Kors to do so. From NahaDaily.com



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